TTA Winter Playmaker Academy 2021-2022 Program Information

Program Dates:  December 6-17; January 3-31; February 4-11

Training Schedule (Attached)


Program Location:  

Indoor Turf @ BURNfit Athletics, 1984 Northgate Commerce Pkwy, Suffolk VA 


Cost $300 (Space Very Limited)


Who is eligible to participate?

Soccer athletes ages 7 and up.  Younger athletes have participated in the past.  Contact Don Leverone for age waiver

What is Included?

1.  TTA Ball Mastery (2 sessions) ​

Mondays: New to Intermediate (Orange belt) athletes age specific sessions 5-8pm (see schedule)

Mondays:  Advanced Class for returning Blue-Brown & Black belt athletes 8-9pm 

Fridays:  All TTA athletes 6-7pm

The TTA Playmaker Academy has once again partnered with Golden Ball Soccer Academy (GBSA) this winter to focus on developing magical playmaker skills.  The TTA Ball Mastery Program remains a pillar of this program where athletes will train twice weekly on core foundational ball mastery, lateral agility and fast footwork skills.  To maximize repetitions and to allow athletes to customize their training schedule to address individual areas of weakness, our athletes will work mostly as an individual on the ball or in pairs.  Each athlete will receive regular written progress reports and will have the opportunity to train and try to achieve his or her highest level of ball mastery-including testing for our advanced Brown and Black levels of ball mastery.

2.  GBSA Tactical Training Sessions (2 additional weekly sessions with age/gender training groups)

To compliment the TTA Ball Mastery Program, our TTA athletes may also attend up to 2 additional sessions weekly plus goalkeeping sessions with GBSA staff.  These sessions will be with age/gender appropriate training groups.  Younger athletes will train in individual, technical drills and small group tactics.  High school and college bound athletes will engage in technical drills, group tactics with a priority towards fitness and strength/agility training which will include BURNFIT professional staff.  The days and times vary based on the athlete’s age and gender.  Refer to the GBSA/TTA Winter Training Schedule for age and gender appropriate program days and times (Schedule sent separately).

About TTA

The Academy is run by TTA Owner/Director Don Leverone. Don grew up in France, trained in the French and English systems of play and played extensively throughout Europe. Returning to the US, he played his HS and college soccer in Massachusetts. Don is a USSF B Nationally licensed coach with more than 35 years of club and HS coaching experience. Don is the Head Coach for the US Youth Soccer ODP Southeast District Developmental Academy and has extensive experience running a variety of soccer camps ranging from recreational to elite college. Don has trained and has placed numerous players on the ODP State, Regional & US National Teams and into competitive college programs (D1-2-3). Don currently coaches with GBSA u16-u19 men’s & women’s soccer teams and has extensive ties with college programs.

Leverone Technical Training Academy


TTA Winter Playmaker Academy 2021-2022 Training Schedule


New athletes up to Orange Belts:  Train with AGE appropriate training groups.  

Advanced level athletes:  Regardless of age, all Advanced level athletes having achieved a Blue Belt or above mentor 6-8pm and train from 8-9pm


All TTA athletes attend this class.  This is a very important class since we will be counting touches for Ball Mastery Belt levels!

ALL TTA athletes may attend all other weekly age/gender sessions run by GBSA trainers and Friday open games (including Goalkeepers).  See schedule below:

Winter Playmaker Academy 2021-22 Schedule

Email us at or text us at (757)615-2295 to register or for more information.